Testimonials for Boston teaching acting coach
Dossy Peabody watching students

Dossy Peabody - Boston acting coach, teacher

"Dossy is a ‘connector extraordinaire’. I recommend her highly as an acting coach for any level from student actor to experience professional. She is a talented actress, a compassionate advocate for the arts and a very fine human being. She was the leading actress at Gloucester Stage Company in the 80's and her capacity for creating trust, joy and connection between her fellows in the rehearsal hall was extraordinary. It marked her as a leader and mentor. I learned a tremendous amount from Dossy over a three year period."

Molly Noble
Actor/ Director
Porchlight Theatre Company

"Dossy Peabody ... fantastic, insightful, resourceful, gently honest, inspirational, talented, experienced."

Lisa Young, Actor

"Thank you, Dossy, for all that you have opened my eyes to and all you have opened my heart to: the "truth", so to speak, in acting; the humanness in acting; the sheer joy in acting."

Mwashuma Nyatta

“Whenever I'm asked about acting coaches in the area, I recommend Dossy Peabody first and foremost. Always.

She's a gifted actor herself. She's been in two of my plays, so I know firsthand. She's so good that the Boston Theatre Critics opted to recognize her with their very first Elliot Norton Outstanding Actor Award.

And what she does on stage, she brings to her coaching sessions. I know it when actors have worked with Dossy because they're honest and true in their responses. They're all about the work, not about showing me how talented they are. They're professional. I want to watch actors just like Dossy--who can live out their characters truthfully, who make intelligent and spontaneous choices, and who have a seriousness of purpose. Dossy brings those qualities and more to her coaching. She's very simply the best.”

Kate Snodgrass
Artistic Director
Boston Playwrights' Theatre

“I’ve been taking classes with Dossy for a few months now and I notice a lot of improvement. My mom and other people around me have also noticed that my acting skills have definitely gone up, and I am a lot more comfortable doing it. Overall I think her teachings have helped me with many problems not just in acting, but also with outside life. Her classes has helped open up my personality has made me a more positive and confident person.

Dossy is a wonderful teacher, a great friend, and a amazing person. ”

Alan Kuang
Son of Qi Wang

“ Dossy Peabody has many gifts, and her gifts have been of great benefit to me. In my acting studies with her, I have focused on the plays of August Wilson, which has been a homecoming to the land of heart and soul for me. I have been able to embrace what has been the experience of most of my life as a poet and playwright from deep inside the world of the African American working class. The resonance of my work with Dossy has filled every aspect of my life. I have reached deeper places of intimacy with my creative being and sense of self, and I am totally taken with the world of acting. Dossy has helped me understand how “all the world is a stage” and how to perform on that stage from deeper places inside the world of me.”

—Afaa Michael Weaver

“Dossy Peabody gives a wonderful master class, offering exercises for being a successful 'live' performer, drawing from her own area of expertise as an actor, and showing parallels that offer immediate results for aspiring musicians in being sensitive, proactive and responsive solo performers, chamber musicians or members of larger music ensembles.  Her class is revelatory.”

Ken Radnofsky, Director of Wind and Brass Seminars at Longy School of Music, Director of Wind Performance Seminars and Wind Chamber Music at Boston Conservatory; Faculty New England Conservatory and Boston University in Saxophone and Chamber Music.

"As a professional actor, I was looking for an acting coach to prepare for my first foray into the Stage Source auditions. Several highly regarded actors recommended Dossy Peabody, and she was terrific...supportive, wise, intuitive, direct, and with an innate ability to clarify complex ideas. The Advanced Scene Study/Monologue Workshop brought all of these abilities to the forefront ... with insightful questioning and clear direction, she expanded our understanding of the scenes and our character work within them, and she created a safe and supportive space for all actors."

Karen Abrami Fitzgerald,
Member, National Speakers Association
Corporate Consultant
NYC Actor

"Dossy has been an unbelievably positive force as acting coach/director. Her combination of unerring eye, specificity of coaching on each acting beat and her believing in me to be able to be at my best in concert—lifts me up and lets me soar as a singer/actress in concert!"

Belle Halpern
Singer and Founder
of The Ariel Group

"I feel so fortunate to have worked with Dossy. Dossy earned my trust instantly. She has a keen awareness of how to improve and further authenticate the character you are trying to achieve."

Nick Neyeloff
Salem State and Emerson College Graduate

"Dossy is one of the best teachers I have ever had. She inspired me so much, gave me so much confidence."

Jake Goodman
Emerson College '02

Dossy Peabody and Will Lyman in Love in the Gulf

Dossy Peabody and Will Lyman
in “Love in the Gulf”
Boston Playwrights' Theatre

"Dossy Peabody's own experience as a gifted actor informs her work with you. In a safe and supportive environment, she guides you to aim for the highest level of work. With an amazing sense of perception and sensitivity, she brings you to your own truths - to learn to trust your heart's wisdom - to trust your instincts. You will instantly trust her, because you can. You will have fun too. You work in a gentle and rigorous way that cannot help but lift you up to your next level of acting - it is a powerful collaboration between coach and actor. It is exhilarating!"

Moira McCarthy , Teacher, Actor

"Working with Dossy has made me better as an actor and as a director. Her method of succinctly cutting through the words of the script to what the play is about and making it mean something to the actor is amazingly helpful. You learn volumes of knowledge whether she's working with you on a one-to-one basis or whether you're observing her work with someone else. ”

Will Luera
Artistic Director
Improv Boston, Actor

“As her student, I look up to her with tremendous admiration for her ability, her work ethic, her talent, her perspective, her tremendously perfected craft - and her simultaneous ability to nurture all those same traits in her actors."

Meagan Hawkes
Filmmaker, Actor, Editor

"Dossy Peabody is a gifted coach who consistently nurtures her students spiritually, intellectually and emotionally. In my private sessions with her, I felt safe to take risks, and liberated to explore the truth of my character. Dossy's unique constellation of gifts - razor sharp intellect, compassion, intuition, and tireless enthusiasm - enables each actor to mind the depths of her soul to unlock her truest, most powerful performance ... Dossy is a beacon of light, a person who attracts seekers and fosters a wonderful sense of artistic community."

Ellen Lokos
Professor of Spanish and English Language, Actor

"I had the privilege of meeting Dossy in her Mind/Body Acting class at Southwick Studios ... Dossy is an incredibly unique teacher. Not only does she possess incredible acting/directing talents, but she has a deep understanding and commitment to the psychological aspects of acting, which is rarely touched on by many teachers. By creating a trusting and nurturing environment, Dossy encourages the actor to break the rules, to trust what they do know, to throw away those perfectionist ideals and experiment making new and wonderful "mistakes". The result is watching each actor breathe life and energy into each new moment and create something totally fresh each time."

Phyliss Rittner

Dossy Peabody in "Observatory" with Fay Wolf

Dossy Peabody in “Observatory” with Fay Wolf
Boston Playwrights' Theatre

“Dossy introduces challenges in thought and movement connecting with character analysis and audition performance. She uses creative exercises to develop concentration and strengthen technical elements of acting. Dossy works to create a comfortable atmosphere while encouraging you to explore and challenge yourself. Dossy's direction and endless support was invaluable as I was preparing for college auditions.”

Shayna Padavano
Boston University, Class of 2006.

“Dossy's workshops were a tremendous help and inspiration to me. Her insight and observation helped move me to a new level and yet I never felt a sense of fear. Her guidance and support are all-encompassing and allow your creativity to flow."

Gail Angelllis, Actor

"I have studied with a number of teachers, and Dossy Peabody, I can say certainly will help you learn the craft in a fun and safe environment that will let you gain a sense of confidence."

Miguel Angel Gonzales

“Working with Dossy is a creative treat! She is a gifted coach, who is both rigorous in the work and extremely supportive of the actor. The combination of those qualities inspires trust and leads to a rich process that is filled with discovery and creative surprises.”

Sandy Clifford

“I have taken a number of acting classes both in Rhode Island and the Boston area. None has given me the proficiency in both approaching a role and working with a character as my work with Dossy. Working with Dossy has helped me in my networking capabilities immensely, and this has become exceedingly important as my acting career has advanced. Dossy brings the same passion for acting to her students that she has brought to her many roles making for a rewarding experience both as an actor and human being.”

Rhonda Moniz
Stunt Actor

“I feel like I'm being fed when I go to a coaching session with Dossy. Her encouragement is never-ending, her feedback is always constructive and supportive, and the safety she has created in the rehearsal studio enables me to forget about my inner critic and charge ahead in performance. Dossy is a truly remarkable teacher and coach.”

Paul Ricciardi
Trinity Repertory Institute for Actors

In Dreams with Robert Downy Jr

“In Dreams” with Robert Downey Jr.

"Dossy Peabody is a supportive coach and a friend to all actors. Having been a working actor herself, she knows the art of acting and the business as well. Dossy has worked with me in developing several monologues. I have found her direction to be creative, flexible and helpful in bringing my material to life. I most definitely recommend Dossy as a teacher, coach and director."

Paul DiMilla

"You coached me for the Source auditions. You did a wonderful job - I got three professional calls right away and have been working ever since. I have been thinking about you and your wonderful coaching style - so specific and still so supportive."

Kim Sedlock

“Dossy's coaching for the Stageloft Repertory Theatre's production of Twelfth Night was invaluable to me and something rare. Her approach combined equal doses of critical insight, supportiveness, and an amazing intuition for both what feels real, and what's dramatically interesting. Plus she's a delight to work with.”

Bob Eiland
Actor, Director

“Dossy's work for my solo and ensemble shows has meant their survival and success. An actor's personal motivation, talent, and intellect can only go so far; Dossy's sharp objectivity and feel for what an audience needs to see from its performers has been invaluable.”

Marty Barrett
Actor, Director, Writer

Dossy Peabody on the set of the Crucible

Dossy Peabody on the set of “The Crucible”

“I think of Dossy as a great liberator! She liberates the soul and spirit. She gets me to remember what I love, what I stand for, what is me, and helps me find ways to express that ... Her effectiveness as an acting coach stems from her insight, her compassion her creativity, her acute analytical skills, her curiosity, her intelligence, her mischievous, playful outlook and, above all, her desire to teach and help people grow."

Maura Clarke
Actor, Director, Writer, Teacher

"Dossy, very simply, brings out the unique best in an actor. No matter what the script, she helps you to make it your own, so your audition is fully authentic ... I recommend my own students to Dossy all the time, and they are never disappointed. I recommend her unconditionally!"

Lyralen Kaye, Producer
Another Country Films

"With great wisdom, warmth, and humor, Dossy has helped me identify and tackle many blocks to my work on stage. Her studio is the one safe space I can count on; I enjoy taking risks and working on challenging material.

Dossy's support is a great gift for any actor. She has instilled in me a great sense of pride and passion for my work. She has guided me through every stage of my training, preparing me for crucial (and successful!) auditions, attending my performances, and helping me find countless opportunities to work and learn."

 Eric Sirakian
London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts