Voice Over Coaching

Work on radio copy, voice over narration, stories on tape, or character voice over for film projects. Voice over artists come to my studio or I will travel to recording studio. Sessions focus on vocal expressions and variety, as well as clarity and specificity. Coaching looks at phrasing and intention, as well as colors and qualities of the words.

Coaching for Young Actors

I work with young actors who are serious and committed to the work. Preferably they also have had some experience on stage or in film, however this isn't a requirement to work with me. I consult on resumes, head shots, monologues and prepare students for stage and film auditions. I help students prepare an acting videotape for an agent, producer, casting director or acting school. I will assist young actors with the blocking and direction of a song for a musical audition. Even for a beginning young actor, I conduct an hour of technique, they absorb it and integrate it into their work. I make an honest appraisal as to the possible directions for the student to pursue ... whether to stay with individual coaching or enroll in a class with other students of his/her age.

Script Consulting for playwrights and screen writers

As an actor and a coach, I work with writers on their scripts, reading through dialogue and scenes to assist in clarity and dramatic action. I offer my experience both as a director and as an actor.

Boston acting lessons

Dossy Peabody - Boston area
acting teacher, coach, trainer for acting classes